Pottery Painting Parties

Quinton's Crafts (Ceramics) offer pottery painting parties. Suitable for all ages; babies can have their footprints painted, older children can paint a figurine and teenagers can create a keepsake.

For €20 per person, Quinton’s Crafts (Ceramics) offers a 10 piece party package for hire:
  1. 1 item of 'bisque' (this is the raw pottery, before it's painted, glazed and fired) - a small figurine, as shown in the picture above
  2. Extra bisque items at €5 per piece 
  3. 1 apron per person (aimed at toddlers, please specify if you would like aprons for teenagers/adults)
  4. 1 paint palette per person 
  5. 1 water beaker per person 
  6. 1 paint brush per child at least plus 
  7. Extra decorating tools 
  8. 16 colours of paint minimum 
  9. An item of my choice such as a plate, for the occasion with the prints of each party goer on...
Please get in touch for more information. The photos below show the wide variety that pottery painting parties are suited to: a teenager's birthday and a 1 year old baby's! I can tailor the package to suit you. There are also more photos in our gallery.


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