How to order a Ceramic Keepsake

Hand and foot print pottery:
To order a ceramic keepsake simply contact us and we will then arrange an appointment to take your little one's precious prints. We will use a sponge to apply special non toxic ceramic paints to your baby or child's hands and/or feet and then place them directly onto the pottery ('bisque') to make the print. Once the prints have been captured on the pottery and full order details have been recorded your ceramic keepsake will then be painted, personalised, glazed and fired. Ceramic keepsakes are usually ready for collection or delivery 14 days after the print has been taken. If you have a specific date in mind though please let us know at the time of ordering and we will do our best to meet any reasonable deadlines where possible. 

Personalised pottery:
Quinton's Crafts (Ceramics) can also paint a variety of personalised pottery gifts to suit any occasion. To order a personalised pottery gift simply call, email or facebook message us to discuss your requirements. 

One of a kind creations:
I have made some random things as presents. They were all given as presents from us but if you would like something like this, please get in touch and we can discuss if it's possible and the cost.

My daughter painted a mug for a teacher. It is supposed to be the 'Flash'. Obviously I could have 'corrected' it but I decided at 5 years old, it's nicer that it's not perfect:

As a leaving present for a colleague, I was asked to paint 2 tomatoes talking to each other on a mug, with a caption. Yes it sounds peculiar but that was what they asked for! ;)

Then a Minion mug:

More recently 'hubby' and 'wifey' est. 2016 mugs (that I then didn't get a photo of :/)

And a Minion plate for a friend:

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