Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Introduction to Quinton's Crafts (& Quinton's Crafts Ceramics!)

Without covering all the background included in 'About Us', I worked full time when my oldest daughter started school and quickly realised in Luxembourg that it wasn't for me at that time. I wanted to work, yes, but I wanted something flexible enough that I didn't feel guilty to my employer if my daughter was ill. I wanted something where I could be at parents meetings, I wasn't rushing to leave her at 7:45am in order to get to work. My life became one big stressed rush when I was working full time and I hated it. Neither of my daughters were particularly happy because they were both exhausted from school and full time creche.

I've always been fairly creative and having met a lady in the UK who had created her own business from 'paint your own pottery' this seemed a great niche. I wasn't aware of anything else in Luxembourg so even if it did exist, it wasn't well known in the expat community. It also wasn't impossible to start up, unlike most business models I'd read where they cost €10000 and a bank loan. 

The kiln^

I had already created the name 'Quinton's Crafts' because I made nappy cakes etc in the UK so I added (Ceramics) just to ensure there was a difference. I still make nappy cakes, towel cakes, etc, but the pottery is my main focus.